For Parents

Rugby is a great option for your son or daughter, giving them the opportunity to play a game that will teach them how to be a leader on and off the field. We know that there can be concerns with placing your child in a new sport, which we hope to help within this parent section. Check out the great resources for gaining more information on rugby.


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I've heard rugby described as 'football without pads' - is this accurate?

Football is a sport that originated from the game of rugby, but it a much different game. Rugby is a very controlled game with a lot of rules in place to keep all players safe on the field. Although rugby players do not wear pads and protection, they are taught the necessary skills to stay safe and successful on the field.

How can my son/daughter try the sport without getting thrown into a full contact game?

Flag rugby is a great option for kids of any age to try the sport without any contact elements. That is why at Baton Rouge Youth Rugby our programs start with touch or flag for all players.

How much will it cost for my child to play rugby?

Rugby is one of the lowest cost options for children in the U.S. We even have scholarships available. Baton Rouge Youth Rugby will never turn a child who wants to play away for financial reasons.

How does USA Rugby protect its athletes?

USA Rugby believes in putting a player's safety above everything else. USA Rugby requires that all rugby coaches register and complete our Level 100 Coaching Certification, which includes a Player Protection Package and a Background Check. Additionally, with every player registration USA Rugby provides Third Party Liability Insurance and Rugby Accident Insurance. We feel that providing these levels of protections keeps our athletes safe and enjoying the game.

What is my job as a rugby parent?

USA Rugby has put together a helpful guide of expectations for rugby parents. Check it out here!

How is Baton Rouge Youth Rugby protecting players from Covid-19?

All Baton Rouge Youth Rugby practices are conducted in accordance to USA Rugby return to play guidelines.

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What about Concussions?

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"USA Rugby believes in a 'brains over brawn' philosophy when it comes to player welfare and head injuries in particular. There is no single play or game worth suffering from a brain injury, and we must all be smart, educated and informed when it comes to player safety issues. Players need to throw pride out the window and NEVER attempt to 'tough out' a head injury," said Nigel Melville, President and CEO of USA Rugby. "Let's play head's up rugby out there and commit to taking good care of one another through education and responsible action.“

Key Facts

(1) Possession: Rugby is a game of possession, not yardage. Therefore coaching emphasizes passing the ball before being tackled as well as other skills aimed at keeping the ball in your teams’ possession, and not struggling ahead trying to gain a few more yards while the opponents entire team tries to drag you down.

(2) No Blocking: Most think a lack of blocking makes the game more dangerous, but the fact is it makes rugby safer because defenders are not being blindsided by some sprinting lineman hoping to open a hole in the defense (and in the defender!). In football space is created for a runner by brute force (blocking). In rugby space is created by guile and cunning (passing the ball and using misdirection). In Rugby, nearly all collisions between players is anticipated by both, and therefore better prepared for.

(3) Tackling: Tacklers must wrap their arms when tackling. No rolling body block’ type tackles aimed at an opponent’s knees are allowed. Also, NO tackling is allowed above the shoulders. Also known as high tackling’, it is strictly forbidden and quickly penalized if it occurs. This not only makes for safer play but for improved tackling technique. Coaches teach not only how to tackle but how to be tackled. In fact Rugby style tackling is now being taught in many American football programs

BR Youth Rugby

Finally, the Rugby community is a unique group of individuals (and a group of unique individuals) who dare to try something different… a legendary game that mixes strength, speed and agility. A game that will forever welcome athletes of all shapes and sizes. Successful rugby does require fitness, but first and foremost it requires that special person who’s ready, willing and able to give it a go.

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